Bollywood Hypocrisy at its peak, Bollywood nepo stars demanding Justice, zareen Khan, Parineeti some others joined campaign #CBI for SSR

Nepo stars and hypocrites stars demanding justice for Sushant.

60 days passed people are still keep fighting for the Justice of Sushant Singh Rajput. Meanwhile, bollywood hypocrites were supporting Rhea Chakraborty and no one was demanding CBI probe for Sushant Singh Rajput case.

After the release of the trailer of ‘Sadak 2’ a Mahesh Bhatt movie. People opposed with full force because public realised the true face and history of bollywood who has links with Daud Ibrahim and Militant organizations. Bollywood knows if they will support the CBI, maybe the whole nexus of mafia would be exposed. Now they are very cautious. They started demanding CBI probe for Sushant because they realised people will oppose their movies too.

People opposed ‘Sadak 2’ and make it ‘Sadak Chaap 2

People made ‘Sadak2’ a ‘Sadak Chaap 2’

People opposed ‘Sadak Chaap 2’ because of the hypocrisy of the Bollywood hypocrites including Nepo gangs. Why people are in anger? The reason behind this is the attitude of Bollywood towards outsiders and who didn’t fullfill the conditions of Bollywood then Bollywood doesn’t accept them as their part. For instance, in ‘Coffee with Karan’ a show only made to promote nepo kids like Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and so on took names of Sushant too much only to mock Sushant in Question Answer session with show guest and everybody knows it was intentional on his part.

Karan Johar mocked Sushant in many episodes.

These Bollywood mafia gangs now being exposed by the public themselves and we have to be united to break and crush the whole Bollywood. Be united and fight for Sushant Singh Rajput.

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