Shweta Singh- Sushant’s Sister with folded hands requests all people to pray for 24 hour; hope truth prevails. #justiceforSSR

Sushant’s Sister urges 24 hour prayer observation.

Sushant’s mysterious death shocked the nation and the world. Everyone is screaming for the Justice of Sushant Singh Rajput. Everyone is praying for the CBI inquiry due to the incapability of the Mumbai Police. Mumbai Police showed it’s true color that they are hand in gloves with Culprits and saving someone else. Without registration of an FIR, only on the basis of inquest proceedings inquiring the cause of death and recorded statements more than 50 persons but did not seal the flat strictly and even didn’t seize electronic records. Mumbai Police didn’t do panchnama process in the flat and given time to culprits to destroy evidence. Culprits had an ample time to destruct evidence. In this fight, Shweta Singh Rajput sister of Sushant Singh Rajput requested people for 24 hours prayer observation so that justice may bring for beloved Sushant. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court verdict.


Shweta Singh-sister of Sushant appealed for 24 hours prayer observation

Shweta Singh- sister of Sushant Singh Rajput appealed people for 24 hours prayer observation. In her words she clearly said via tweet;

I request you all to please join us for global 24-hour spiritual and prayer observation for SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT, so that truth prevails and we find justice for our beloved Sushant.”

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