*A conspiracy to sell out the Prestige of Jammu: A plan to Catapult Jammu’s identity!*

Advocate Amzi Arthur John

Jammu is the part of conspiracy of Central Government and the Gupkar Gang. BJP who came with majority in Jammu and made an alliance with PDP was the clear signal for the people of Jammu that the party has no principles and values. They just have the purpose to win the elections could made an alliance with the party who has opposite ideology for their own vested interest. After the dissolution of state government, Central Government abrogated Ar. 370 and 35-A of the constitution of India and made J&K an integral part of Indian against which Kashmiri Leaders revolted.

But unfortunately Jammu who supported the abrogation and welcomed the decision of Central Government again cheated by Central Government and BJP. Central Government invited on 24-June-2021 to hold a meeting with J&K leaders where leaders are not from Jammu but from Kashmir. The question is why are they inclined towards Kashmiri Leaders? Because in a previous election BJP came with majority in Jammu but not Kashmir now this time they are appeasing Kashmir only with an objective to win elections. It means still they are enslaved to Kashmiri leaders. The voices from Jammu like Ikkjutt Jammu who is also a Jammu based political party was not invited by Central Government.

The decision to hold a meeting with the Kashmiri leaders again a big mistake of the central government. Jammu is the patriotic region where people are nationalist but in Kashmir Leader sought support from China or Pakistan. For example, Farooq Abdullah sought help from China to save Kashmir. Even they raised their voice against the abrogation of Ar. 370 and 35-A. But the government is still respecting their opinions and views for Jammu and Kashmir. Their opinions and views must apply only for Kashmir not for Jammu. The BJP leaders from Jammu not conveyed the issues which are on high demand to the Central Government. Their leaderships have no benefit to the people of Jammu. What Central Government wants, they will shake their heads according to the situation.

Now, it’s the high time to raise the voice for this kind of adamant attitude of Central Government. It shows the catapult of the identity of Jammu and no respect of the values of Jammu region. Its not less than the dictatorship for Jammuites. IkkJutt Jammu under the Presidentship of Adv Ankur Sharma strongly oppose the decision of Central Government.

-Advocate Amzi Arthur John
(Legal Cell Member IkkJutt Jammu)

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