Hypocrite Sanjay Raut- Shivsena M.P makes a U-Turn and called Sushant Son of Maharashtra. #CBIforSSR

Hypocrite Sanjay Raut made a U Turn and scared from public anger.

Shiv sena M.P after controversial remarks over the Sushant’s father made a U turn and said to the media that his words are misinterpreted. He wanted to say “Yesterday I just said that they should’ve some patience but it was shown that I’ve threatened them. Was that a threat? Trust Mumbai Police. If you think they’re not doing a good job, then go to CBI.”

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut changed his colour and made a U-Turn by giving statement on Media

But the question here is “why this U-turn?” Is he got scared from the legal notice about to send from Sushant’s family? It is pertinent to mention here that still he did not apologize and Sushant’s family could file a defamation case against him that should be done as soon as possible. From the 60 days, public are fighting for Justice of Sushant Singh Rajput. And Shiv Sena trying to create hurdle on the way of Justice for Sushant. Most importantly, the affidavits filed by Rhea and Maharashtra Government are similar in nature or both are identical in nature. It seems the collaboration between Maharashtra Government and Rhea Chakraborty. Big names in bollywood keeps quite. There is something criminal wrong going on in Bollywood which should be stopped as soon as Possible. Alongwith C.B.I, N.I.A should also interfere and raid in Bollywood industry to reveal or to expose Mafias Connections of Bollywood or Bollywood connections with Pakistan. What is your opinion can share through comment.

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