Adv Amzi Arthur John

Mubarak Mandi Palace was the royal residence of Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir from Dogra Dynasty. It is the mark of the Dogra Rule in Jammu and Kashmir. It was the ancient palace and royal family was living in the palace till 1925 and thereafter Maharaja Hari Singh moved to a new residence in Hari Niwas.

The structure of the temple built beautifully and resembles with Rajasthani and Mughal Architecture. Anyone can observe the minute details of architecture work. The building of palace took more than 150 years. It has started from Maharaja Ghulab Singh, the first Dogra Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir and then successive rulers added into it.

The building has many compartments aggregated into the one structure by architects beautifully built and each room had its own purpose. Darbar Hall Complex, the Pink Palace, Royal Courts buildings, Gol Ghar Complex, Nawa Mahal, Rani Charak Palace, Hawa Mahal, the Toshakhana palace and the Sheesh Mahal. The halls and galleries of the palace were used for official functions and ceremonies.

The ancient structure of Dogra Dynasty represents the concept of original art and architecture of the Dogra dynasties which was need to preserve after independence. But, the previous governments were concerned completely with the monuments in Kashmir. Many from Jammu raised voices to rebuild or to renovate Mubarak Mandi Palace but previous governments were not keen to listen the demands of the people of Jammu or to save the original identity of Dogra Architecture. Unfortunately, present government is also not interested to listen the demands and to renovate it to preserve the existence of Dogra Architecture.

The other parts of palaces except Dogra art museum, courts and government offices are in ruins. And the central government even after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A and the U.T adminstration came into force did not seek any initiative to renovate it. Even government is inclined towards the preservation of Kashmiri heritage and the development of Kashmir. But the government is neglecting our Jammu heritage and having no concern for the development of Jammu. Our Dogra identity is in ruins. This palace is our Dogra identity, we need to raise our voice to preserve it so that we may be able to show our Dogra identity with proud to our next generations and identity may be continued in existence.

-Advocate Amzi Arthur John
(Legal Cell Member IkkJutt Jammu)

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