(Live Updates🛑)- Why Criminal and drug Peddler ‘Gaurav Arya’ hires a Cameraman to watch Media activities outside the E.D Office? #ReportforSSR


In Sushant Singh Rajput case, Drug Peddler ‘Gaurav Arya’ who seems to be a criminal now because of his suspicious behaviour. How? We would discuss an event in which we can assume Drug peddler ‘Gaurav Arya’ criminal behaviour.

When Gaurav Arya summoned by Enforcement Directorate, Gaurav reached to the office of the Enforcement Directorate where ED officials have to interrogate him. When Gaurav Arya had to enter in the office he hired a Cameraman who was recording all the activities of Republic Tv news channel. Why? There can be so many interpretations done over this behaviour of drug peddler Gaurav Arya.

-Media activities were recorded only to record the media personnels to threaten them and their families. Mafias are planning against media channels and it is a very serious thing everyone’s lives specially reporters are in threat. We have to support them and fight together to throw out the racket from the root. This fight will go last longer.

Look and observe these criminals how much dangerous they are. We have to fight against them too. Our Sushant was alone in the fight and he was trapped by these vultures. We can’t leave the fight but we have to fight till the end until this whole racket not being arrested and punished by agencies. Kindly support all media channels who are fighting for the Justice for the Sushant Singh Rajput. Republic Tv, Times Now, Zee news and India Tv, these are channels we have to support them. Our Democracy has fourth pillar i.e Media which cannot be broken by anyone.

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