(Breaking🎯)- 40k-50k followers drop from Kangana’s Ranaut twitter’s Handle; Kangana says, ‘racket is so strong.’ #SushantSinghRajputCase

Kangana says ‘Racket is so strong, Nationalist has to struggle’

Kangana Ranaut is fighting for the Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput and she joined campaign and started talking against Bollywood stars. She has given statements against Bollywood Mafias and Thugs party who have drug cartel and have links with terrorist organisations. After the statements against Bollywood Mafias, her followers from Twitter handles drop 40k-50k daily. After the huge drop in followers, Kangana Ranaut stated that “her followers had dropped from 992K to 988K followers in an hour.” The actor wrote that even “she had noticed a pattern of a drop of ‘40 to 50 thousand followers’.”

Tagging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, she asked why they were doing this as she was new to the platform. Netizens told Ranaut via twitter account that “it was ‘ghost bans’ for speaking up against ‘anti-nationals’, making nationalistic sentiments and ‘exposing the left’, and when the account becomes popular, Twitter ‘reduces the visibility’ of the tweets.” Kangana replied that ‘nationalists had to struggle everywhere’ because of the ‘strong racket.

These are the realities of Bollywood Mafias and how their racket working against Racket in such a Powerful manner that they have no right live in India. Now we get to know that why they are against CAA and NRC because they even don’t recognise themselves as ‘Indians’. What do you think about these anti nationalists Bollywood Mafias? Write on comment box.

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