(Live Updates πŸ›‘)- Sidharth Pithani revealed to C.B.I that there are men entered in Sushant’s flat. Preplanned Murder it was. #JusticeforSSR

From 14th June, when Sushant died whole world did not accept the theory of Suicide. It is very shameful on the part of our Police Department that they remain hand in gloves with influential criminals. If investigation department remains hand in gloves with criminals then how can we trust on investigation authority.

When Sushant died world didn’t accept the theory of Suicide because it looks a like murder when everyone observed Sushant’s dead body. A man who was cherished earlier now committed suicide was not acceptable for all. Then everyone decided to fight for Sushant Singh Rajput because everyone has connectivity with the innocence of Sushant. The paid media Channels showed and painted it as a colour of suicide then DCP Trimukhe suspected it as a suicide on a prima facie without any probe and Bollywood stars started tweet about the Sushant that why he committed suicide. The quick response after the death was so strange that nation got it that it was preplanned Murder. Public from every part of the world fought for him and demanded C.B.I inquiry now the C.B.I is investigating the matter. C.B.I interrogated flat mates and after strict interrogation now Siddharth Pithani revealed truth to C.B.I that a day before 14th June men came in flat of Sushant on 13th June.

Only it has been revealed, now we can assume that what would have happened with Sushant Singh Rajput.

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