Ikkjutt Jammu Legal cell expressed grief for the death of Rakesh Pandita in Kashmir.

Credits:- Khalsa express news

Press release:-

Today, in a press statement Advocate Amzi Arthur John with other legal cell members of IkkJutt Jammu Advocate Prateek Mahajan, Advocate Ajay Sharma, Advocate Vishal Sharma and Advocate Parmeet Kumar expressed grief over the incident happened in Kashmir where a Pandit leader from BJP ‘Rakesh Pandita’ was shot dead by Militants in Kashmir.

He added, “government has appeasement policies for Kashmir due to which Hindus as a minority in Kashmir are still not safe and still genocide continues.” He pointed out that government has no intention to protect Hindu minorities in Kashmir and even after abrogation of Article 370 people expected the slow down the effect of militancy in Kashmir but still no changes can be seen there.”
Legal cell of IkkJutt Jammu completely condemn the attack of militants and demands stringent action against them and also demands the protection for Hindu minorities in Kashmir. And there shouldn’t compromise with the security of Hindu minorities in Kashmir.

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