Why the patients are getting medically murdered in the name of Covid-19? #CovidScam

During the Pandemic Covid-19, human mankind have seen sufferings to such an extent that it cannot be forgotten. Covid-19 Pandemic has three phase; 1st strain, 2nd strain and 3rd strain. When the world found the first case of Covid-19, it was the phase of destruction and ruins for human beings in all over the world.

When the 1st phase passed, the countries except India started vaccination drive on war front. But in India, government was busy in election rallies and even they were holding rallies without following SOPs. In the meanwhile, other countries vaccinated all its people. But in India, vaccination drive was running to a limited extent. Due to which when 2nd phase of Covid-19 was about to come, all countries were prepared except India. We can see the disastrous effects in India where large number of people died due to 2nd strain of Covid-19. Apart from this, during the 1st and 2nd phase of Covid-19, many persons become unemployed and many domestic businesses shut down due to non working of companies in lockdown. Who is responsible? Nobody knows.

But there are many cases we have seen where family members of deceased have no idea about the death of his member whether he died due to Covid or other disease. The most illogical practice doctors and other medical staffs are conducting is first to check whether the patient is Covid positive or negative. Suppose a person having heart disease admits in hospital and there is urgent need of his treatment immediately but doctors are taking time by conducting test of Covid-19 and meanwhile due to delaying in treatment patient dies due to heart disease and on other side he was also found Covid positive. Now what will you say whether that patient died due to Covid 19 positive or heart disease? What do you think drop your comment and give you views!

If we want police investigation against doctors, how can they become suspect for this offence? The answer is they cannot be suspected for this offence because there are many incidents happened where even doctors didn’t provide medical documents to family members. And after the death of a patient, even family members are not allowed to see the dead body. It raises a doubt or suspicion in the minds of citizens who are facing the same situation, there is possibility or chance of some illegal trade running by cartel! Who could expose them? Nobody! Because Government also rewarded them as a Covid warrior.

When the patients are admitted in the Hospitals, suddenly their O2 levels drop without any reason. Then they asked by doctors to arrange oxygen cylinders for them. If they arrange, now patients are dying due to damage of lung cells. When oxygen provided why they died? Any reason? Not available! Now dexamethasone provided to the Covid patients. And after administering Dexamethasone, patients got black fungus (Mucormycosis). Black fungus caused due to 0 immunity level. And after administering Dexamethasone, patients immunity level drop and mucormycosis caused.

Many questions are unanswerable and nobody can’t give these answers due to the well planned illegal work only to harass citizens. Now the phase of third strain has been entered, children are dying! These are the scams are running. What is your opinion?? you can drop a comment! Thank you!+

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