Bollywood stars can’t be our role models! Beware!

India is a country where Media Entertainment has a pertinent role in economy boost. Its good to hear that Media Entertainment is doing good buisness and it is giving benefit to the Country. But, on the other side there is another face of Media Entertainment specially Bollywood which can create a scar in the minds of people. BHARAT is a populous country and we can see numerous of talents and it has variations in talents. But, unfortunately nobody is able to get a chance to work in media entertainment. Let us take a decade, you will notice some specific Bollywood stars working in Film Industry with a constant name and fame. But what about others? Suppose, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and some of the others who are working constantly and getting name and fame. The question here is, ‘Are these stars have talent to do acting? Are these stars are the only good artist?’

As we know there are numerous incidents happened in this industry where many good actor and actresses mysteriously died. And agencies unable to found out the reason of death. Just like in the death case of Divya Bharti, her family had a belief that she was murdered. But after some days they had taken step back. Why they were scared? And from whom? These questions are unanswerable. So if we talk about the case of SSR, Divya Bharti, Jia Khan and many actor and actresses they have mysteriously died and no one asked even from agencies why they didn’t reach into conclusion whether they committed suicide or not.

But these incidents make aware our conscious about the environment and surrounding in the film industry. And it’s cannot be a co incident that still Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and all these actor and actresses who are working constantly and they are not dying or committing suicide are still having name and fame. Just because, there is something need to be fulfilled to get name and fame from somebody. Some says Dawood Ibrahim the underworld Don has full control over bollywood and these actor and actresses fulfilled his requirements to get name and fame. How? There is media bite where Actor Akshay Kumar was asked by a reporter regarding his view on Pakistan spreading Militancy in India and he didn’t criticize Pakistan for this kind of act against our nation Bharat. Even Actor Akshay Kumar kept one condition that he didn’t do films against Pakistan.

Why Shahrukh Khan has a keen and good relations with Pakistan buisnessmen Tony Ashayi who is suspected to be an ISI agent? Why these Bollywood actors have so much intimacy for Pakistan. Even they mock Hindu religion and kept good relations with Pakistan. In every Bollywood movie, they try to show to good heart of Pakistani citizen or a Muslim Pakistani guy. Why? What do you think drop a comment below!

So the most important question arises here, ‘why they can’t be role models for anybody else?’ Actor Salman Khan has many cases against him. Even he ruined his life of own Bodyguard Ravinder Patil who was the sole witness against Salman for hitting men on footpath. But he was sidelined from police department and even he was kidnapped by someone due to which he was unable to attend the court on due proceedings on specified date. He died due to poverty. Why these bad incident happened with him? You can get my point. Apart from this, Salman is famous for beating and abusing ladies. Salman is famous for respecting girls but there are many incidents happened where he abused a women who was a choreographer. He slapped Aishwarya Rai, he slapped an actress during the shooting. You can notice what kind of man is this? Will you allow your children to make his their role model. Definitely not!

Bollywood is a world of druggists. As you know how NCB is active after the death of SSR. More and more facts are coming out from the Bollywood how they are circulating drugs. How actor Arjun Ram Pal was caught in a drug chat. As you know, apart from drug case, they are indulged in casting couch, where women used to do sex only to satisfy movie directors and in return they promise them that they will offer films. So there was an allegation against Actor Sanjay Dutt for possessing contacts with underworld and keeping guns in home illegally.

You can notice the level of these Bollywood stars. Living relationship is common for them where man and woman can live and even could establish sexual relationship without marriage. So these are the moral values they have. Now, do you want to make them role models for them who are criminals and doing illegal activities.

I request every body not to allow your children or yourself to watch Bollywood movies. If you promote them they are in benefit. And these things can create a scar in the minds of your children too. Don’t ruin your life by entering into this industry. You will get trapped by seeing glamour. Hope you like my article and what do you guys thinks about this, kindly drop a comment and share your opinion. Thank you.

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