Adolf Hitler vs Britishers: Who was right? British Propoganda against Adolf Hitler!

Adolf Hitler who was well known personality in all over the world. He was the dictator of Germany. He was brutally against the Britishers. But what was the reason? The reason only was that Britishers already massacred people over whom they dominated in every sphere of Globe. Even they looted, exploited and what the worst thing they could do, they had done with the people. Even they ruined the empires of great Emperors and kings by doing backstabbed. The blood of Britishers was full of cheating, fraud and selfishness. Britishers claim that they are the most civilized and well educated class and the belong to everywhere except England have low standards due to illiteracy. But if we notice the disturbances in any part of the world like Israel vs PALESTINE, India vs Pakistan and others in all these cases who were responsible? The answer is only Britishers. Were they most educated class? The answer is NO. Why? Because at the same time French people were also educated, Russians were also educated. Even Sikh people at the time of Sikh empire on Old Punjab were also educated. So they have lied with us. They were educated in only dividing the people, to enslaves blacks and to exploit the economy of other countries. Adolf Hitler also exposed how Britishers made a zoo where they captivated Africans portraying them as most ancient civilizations. Even today, their conditions have become so worst they even don’t know whether their country belongs to the parliament, citizen or so called Queen of England. Even they don’t know whether they are democratic or not.

If we talk about the nature of Britishers, there are numerous things which can be discussed in another article but the topic which is quite interested is here that who was right: Britishers or Adolf Hitler? The answer is both were wrong in their own ways. As per the matter of fact, Britishers massacred people larger than the Adolf Hitler. But why Adolf Hitler is popular in massacring the Jews because the most important element which was controlled by Britishers was media. They hyped massacre of Jews too much that world made Hitler a villian. Just in the case of Napoleon Bonaparte, King of France who was defamed by the England Media.

As per my opinion both were villains at that time. Both had massacred people which was wrong in itself. What do you think about it? To whom you favour? Drop a comment on comment box! Thank you!

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