Why Bollywood Targets Only Hindu Religion?

Hindu religion is one of the ancient religion from all over the religion in the world. It has beautiful culture and customs. It opens the door for the person to connect with ‘Supreme Soul’ i.e ‘Paramatma.’ It has its own values and principles. It always made efforts to serve good for the society. It had golden Hindu period which no one highlighted only the Bad phase and the fall down of Hinduism highlighted by various scholars.

After the annexation of various Muslims rulers, the Hindus lost it glory. The knowledge of science, art, literature and others had lost and all the valuable things which enhance the glory of Hindus had been destroyed. The science of Ayurveda which has no competition with other medical science has been neglected by our government. Whatever the lost has occurred with the Hindu religion and its people, the responsibility of media used to increase with the passage of time but they didn’t put efforts to show the destruction of Hindu Customs and Culture. Even temples have been destroyed by the Muslim rulers.

But today, the media entertainment has become worst and irresponsible that they only to earn money use to mock Hindu religion in every films and movies. The main Leading role who is responsible to target Hindu religion is ‘Bollywood.’ The Mumbai based film industry who has taken initiative to defame the Hindu gods and goddesses in every movies and unfortunately young generations in Hindu religion have forgotten the values of Hindu Religion. They dont have even fear and respect for hindu gods and goddesses because the Bollywood has inserted wrong image of Hindu Religion in the minds of children. Bollywood has no care about the ethics of Hindu religion. Are they directing by someone to do this happen? Nobody knows. The main fault only lies on the part of parents and people. How? Parents are not trying to teach the importance of their own Hindu religion even they are not trying to introduce the Holy Books like Vedas, Upanishad and Bhagvat Geeta. Even young generations in Hindu religion have no concept of their shastraas.

The only problem due to which Bollywood let down the Hindu Religion is tolerance and unawareness. Due to these two things, Bollywood with full confidence and courage defame Hindu gods and goddesses. The people must aware from the facts what is happening around. In ancient times, they faced destruction through battles and wars by other religioon rulers and now they are facing annexation through media entertainment.

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