(Breaking🛑)- “Four demolished temples in Pulwama District but not renovated yet!” by Advocate Amzi Arthur John (Member of Legal cell IkkJutt Jammu)

Reply by Tehsildar of Pulwama District regarding Demolished temples in Kashmir.

Advocate Amzi Arthur John who is also a member of legal cell ikkjutt Jammu, filed RTIs in many districts of Kashmir to know the status of demolished or those temples who are in dilapidated condition. On 17th April, 2021, Advocate John recieved reply from tehsildar of District Pulwama, Kashmir and he found that there are 3 demolished temples in Kashmir which are not renovated yet.

After 2014, when BJP came into power Modi Government promised Kashmiri pandits that they will bring back the glory of Hindus in Kashmir again. But still no big action or step taken by the central government for Dharma restoration in Kashmir. Government doesn’t seem to be serious regarding the Dharma restoration in Kashmir. Advocate Amzi Arthur John has initiated a mission to restore Dharma in Kashmir. He promised that IkkJutt Jammu Political party will take legal step towards Dharma restoration in Kashmir and will leave no stone unturned for the restoration of Dharma in Kashmir. And he also promised before the settlement of Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir.

There other replies which have not been submitted yet by other comcerned Districts yet. Advocate Amzi Arthur John will update on this issue soon.

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