IkkJutt Jammu demands restoration of ancient temples in Kashmir as Worshipping Temples for devotees addressed by Advocate Amzi Arthur John:-

Press conference(Part-1), held at IkkJutt Jammu Office addressed by Advocate Amzi Arthur John (Member of Legal Cell IkkJutt Jammu) along with other office bearers.

Today IkkJutt Jammu demanded renovation and restoration of ancient temples of Kashmir as Worshipping Temples for devotees. Legal Cell member of Ikkjutt Jammu Advocate Amzi Arthur John along with other office bearers and members of IkkJutt Jammu through a press conference emphasized the need to restore ancient temples as Worshipping Temples, especially Martand Sun temple situated at Anantnag in Kashmir, on priority.
He pointed out that the genocidal acts in Kashmir whether it happened in 8th century where all Hindus were killed by islamic rulers or in 20th century where Hindus of Kashmir were butchered and exiled through brutal force by terrorists. This is a continuous phenomena regarding genocidal acts in Kashmir against Hindus. Even in Genocide convention meaning of genocide is clear, “genocide is a crime that can take place in time of war as well as in time of peace. The definition contained in Article II of the Convention describes genocide as a crime committed with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, in whole or in part. It does not include political groups or so called “cultural genocide”.
Further, he also pointed out the deterioration of Martand Sun temple built in 8th century and where all structures were devastated by the islamic rulers in 15th century. The same acts got repeated in 20th century when terrorism was at its peak. They destroyed temples where Hindus worshipped. In all the incidents intentions were alike in nature and the events were almost same. Even after the exodus of Hindus and other non- muslims of Kashmir, they tried to vanish their existence by completely destroying the structures of Hindu temples. He demanded the renovation of Martand Sun temple along with other ancient Hindu temples not only as heritage site but as Worshipping Temples just as it existed in ancient times. He pointed out that structures of Martand Sun temple, which is rare in India, is in ruins. Even 2014 & 2019 massive mandates didn’t bring much effort to renovate it. Archeological survey of India trying to renovate it but it must not only renovate it as heritage site but as a worshipping temple to restore it’s past pristine glory. He emphasized that the lost of glory of Hindus of Kashmir must be reestablished completely by restoring their custom, culture and their religion on the soil of Kashmir.

(Press conference by Ikkjutt Jammu part-2)
(Press conference by Ikkjutt Jammu part-3)

Ikkjutt Jammu is a Political Party established in Jammu only with the objective to unite the people of Jammu and to make Jammu politically strong.

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