(Live Updates 🛑)- CBI slammed India Today’s reports on suicide angle probe; no details shared by CBI. #Flag4SSR

India Today in a reporting claimed that there are three CBI Officers who rejected the murder angle and probing Suicide angle. CBI rejected and called India Today reports a ‘speculation’ and dismissed reports of India Today.

India Today who is famous for defending Accused Persons in an Article on Tuesday published that “there are three officers in CBI who rejected the Murder angle in the case but probing Suicide angle, CBI officers tell India Today.” Citing the fictitious statements of Three CBI officers, India Today said there is no incriminating evidences found to prove Murder Angle.

Now see the conduct of India Today News Channel. Why they are defending Rhea a drug peddler? Are they part of Drug and Bollywood mafias’ Cartel? India Today must je investigated by CBI and NCB too. They seem to be a part of Drug Cartel. CBI rejected the fake reporting of India Today and said ‘that they did share details of the investigation.’ Shame on India Today!

For more updates stay tuned with AMZI JOHN SPEAKS NETWORK.

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