Susan Walker who was the Sushant’s Psychitarist quizzed by CBI today. Susan was introduced by Rhea Chakraborty- blackmailer with Sushant Singh Rajput. As per Susan’s Statement to the Journalist Barkha Dutt, Sushant was depressed and Rhea was helping her. Rhea was too much concerned with the Sushant’s mental illness and she wanted him to come out from depression. But as per facts, Sushant was never remain depressed even Rhea adminstered drugs to Sushant through Cakes and Coffees after which Sushant felt active for sometime when effect of drugs become light then suddenly Sushant’s feel depressed due to the effect of the footprint of drugs. Then Rhea used to give that narcotic Substances due to which Sushant felt sleepy. So it means Sushant was never depressed.

But the question here is, “Was Psychitarist not able to recognise whether depression effects Sushant or it is the effect of some drugs?” Why Rhea Chakraborty consulted Susan Walker not others Psychitarist? Because we know what Rhea did, she did according to plan and other big names also involved in the planning. There is most probability, Susan Walker is hand in gloves with Rhea and other culprits. Still, interrogation is continued and more information will be updated soon by the Network.

For more updates stay tuned with AMZI JOHN SPEAKS NETWORK.

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