(Live Updates ๐Ÿ›‘)- Vikas Singh- lawyer of Sushant’s father slammed PR machinery of Bollywood Mafias in Live interview. #SushantSinghRajputCase

Today on 7 P.M Vikas Singh- Sushant’s father’s Lawyer slammed paid media channels and PR machinery of Bollywood Mafias. In an interview, Advocate Vikas Singh condemned the behaviour of Rhea Chakraborty and media channels highlighted the selfish behaviour of Sushant’s father. As per Advocate Vikas Singh KK Singh already taking pension and he is retired Police officer. The chat which Rhea Chakraborty revealed in which she conveyed to Sushant’s father that doctor is adminstering medicines to Sushant prescribed in Prescription but there is no illness mentioned on prescription and even Rhea did not tell to Sushant’s father about the illness.

As per Lawyer Vikas Singh, in an FIR it is already stated that after 2019 when Rhea Chakraborty drug dealer came into Sushant’s life, Sushant got ill mentally. He also condemned the allegations made by Rhea and her PR machinery who alleged that Sushant’s father has the greed of insurance money of Sushant. First thing our NETWORK wants to make it clear that Sushant’s family never used his money they have sufficient means to live their livelihood. So Lawyer Vikas Singh condemned this and said further what others allegations made against his sisters not correct. He also clarified in an interview that ‘those made allegations should be ready for legal action.’

Today, Lawyer Vikas Singh in an live interview during press conference shut every paid media’s mouth and slammed Rhea and Bollywood PR’s machinery. For more updates stay tuned with AMZI JOHN SPEAKS NETWORK.

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