(Breaking­čÄ»)- Rhea Chakraborty hated Priyanka Singh- sister of Sushant; why? Here are the shocking reason! #SushantSinghRajputCase

#Rhea is a devious personn

Before Rhea, all the affairs of Sushant managed by his sister Priyanka Singh who is practicing Advocate in Supreme Court. Her husband is also an advocate in Supreme Court. Both are reputed advocates. Sushant was impressed from his sister Priyanka so he decided to hand over all the buisness affairs to her. But when Gundo ki Taayi Rhea Chakraborty- a D Grade Actress came into Sushant’s life she felt jealous from Priyanka. She knew if Priyanka would be continued to manage all the buisness affairs of Sushant Singh Rajput then definitely she couldn’t take over his money for her vested interest or for her illegal use.

So she alleged Priyanka that she molested her. When Sushant heard about it he got angry with her sister Priyanka Singh then Priyanka left all his buisness affairs and then Rhea thug took over all his property and buisness. Then we all know what happened next after Rhea controlled and managed Sushant’s buisness and property.

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