🛑Ajay Devgan defamed ‘God Shiva!!’ why there is need to put concept of Shiva in the movie Shivaay?; Bollywood tactics for profits in the name of God. #SushantSinghRajputCase #arrestRhea

Our India has a culture and in our country Hinduism is the oldest and ancient religion not even in India but in the world. In Hinduism, there are many gods and goddesses and every person has his or her belief toward that particular God. Our article will not deeper about gods and goddesses but there is a God of all god and goddesses and the God is ‘Shiva’ who created the universe and beings on earth, Pagal lok and devta lok. There is mythology that God Shiva created Brahma and Brahma created all beings but we will not discuss these things but at last God Shiva is supreme.

If we go through the Shiv Puran we can observe the dignity of ‘God Shiva’ among gods and goddesses as a Supreme power. The character of God Shiva described here is;

1. Innocent God (bholenath)

2. Calm (shaant)

3. Always in a Meditative form (Dhyaan).

4. Nature of giving boons and blessings.

5. Not tolerate bad deeds.

6. Remain happy in every kind of pure worship for him.

Ajay Devgan’s Shivaay does not resemble with God Shiva; Defamed Shiva:-

These are the basic nature of God Shiva or Lord Shankar which is described in Shiv Puran which we will discuss it by chapter wise. But here story is simple in Ajay Devgan’s Shivaay he described a man living on Himalayas we don’t know whether he is Shiva or a fan of Shiva but by profession he is mountaineer. And he is proudy in nature and Shiva is not. He had affairs with a foreign and had sex with her without marriage and then married to a foreigner and foreigner got pregnant when Shivaay got to know about it he shouted on her. And we know God Shiva always gave respect to female entity whether Mata Parvati, Mata Lakshmi and others. He had a nature to give respect to female entity specially. But here in the movie he defamed Shiva by portraying his wrong image unfortunately. Then, a girl was born and his wife left him and went to her native land Bulgaria. She asked him to come with her but he replied, “Shiva Himalaya Chor ke Kahi Nahi Jaata.” First of all God Shiva lived in Himalayas but he is the God of the entire universe. What he was trying to portray?

The story is partially taken from ‘Tekken’ Hollywood movie which was blockbuster at that time. A person who watched Tekken Movie knows very well that Shivaay movie copied from that particular movie. But the question here is Ajay Devgan tried to show the image of Shiva and we better know he portrayed wrongly. Character of God Shiva is pure. But here in the movie this character shouts on woman, proudy in nature and had affairs with foreigner. Was it necessary to put concept of Shivaay in the movie. From beginning to the end, we can’t understand what is the connection of God Shiva with this story.

Why Ajay Devgan did this? Just because to earn profit and to attract more viewers in the name of God Shiva and even he defamed Shiva by portraying his wrong image in movie. In actual it is to be concluded that Bollywood has no religion only money, scandals and rackets are the religion and for these things they can defame gods and goddesses. Just like in Movie ‘PK’ where Amir Khan- anti nationalist told in the movie “donate milk to Poors instead of pouring milk on Shiv Linga.” Just look at their mentalities. In the movie, Amir targetted Shiv Linga. In one scene Amir established a stone and label paan colour on the stone as tika then show that people will donate money on this stone also. We don’t understand if a person pour milk on Shiv Linga, maybe he would have donated money or milk to Poors too. But, is this wrong if a person pour milk on Shiva Linga? No! If you pour it on Shivalinga then this is not wrong at all because in the world real poor will not demand milk and money from the rich people but will do hardwork to earn. And beggars have their buisness of begging connected with Mafias.

Bollywood shows the hatred for Hindu gods and goddesses. Why? Because this is a group of pseudo Liberals who are responsible for the attacks on Hindus God and Goddesses character and everything. Because celebrities who indulged in drug peddling and sex rackets can’t keep faith on God. NCB, CBI and Ed investigating the matter deeply and will expose each and everyone.

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