(Breaking🛑)- Big Dalaal Journalist ‘Rahul Kanwal’ of Gundo Ki Tayi and Drug peddler Rhea Chakraborty alongwith Bollywood Supports Mafias. #ArrestRhea #BoycottRahulKanwal #SushantSinghRajputCase

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, whole world raising voice against BOLLYWOOD MAFIAS and stand in favour of Sushant’s family but there are some Dalaals media Journalist who are trying to make victims the Accused persons. First we have seen in our life that victims are being treated as the accused by Dalaal of Rhea Chakraborty. Why they are called as Dalaals? Here are reasons;

When whole world demanding justice for the Sushant Singh Rajput and many news channels like Republic Tv, Times Now, Zee News and India Tv caught the feelings of people and observed the case and made many sting operations in which new facts have arisen that Sushant was murdered. These media channels also demanded Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput and demanded CBI inquiry for the Sushant Singh Rajput. But there are few channels also who are famous for its Dalaali like India Today, Aaj Tak and News 18 who asked soft questions with an accused in the case. Why they are so much concerned with an Accused? Big Dalaal ‘Rajdeep Sardesai’ asked soft questions with the Rhea Chakraborty like she is some inspirational figure. First of all an accused should be treated like accused. Who authorised Rajdeep Sardesai to treat an accused like this? As you know that Rajdeep Sardesai favoured Maharashtra Government because he is Dalaal of Shiv Sena.

Look his Dalaali for Shiv sena

Just like Rajdeep Sardesai a journalist who is famous for his Dalaali named as Rahul Kanwal who didn’t speak for the Justice of Sushant and when Case has been transferred to Central Bureau of Investigation he started taking favour of Rhea Chakraborty. Why? His one of the tweet he trying to convey to everyone that “Family knows about the depression of Sushant and provided him the pills as revealed in whatsapp chat. He further added that Sushant’s sister Priyanka conversed in whatsapp with him and he shared about his depression with her. And she referred a depression pill to him”.

Look his Dalaali for Rhea Chakraborty

“Dear Rahul Kanwal, what are you trying to portray family is lying. You are covering up only one sided story of the case and trying to prove that family is not innocent. Don’t have any shame or humanity or don’t you know the law, how accused should be treated? When so many facts are arising against your lord Rhea Chakraborty then you did not cover up any story against her now you came and claimed againt Sushant’s family. A person who is in depression will commit suicide too? Are you sure? Under what circumstances he was trying to say something do you know? Do you know that he referred that he is suffering from depression? Did you ever speak to his family for covering their explanations regarding this. Victims are Sushant’s family not Rhea Chakraborty. Shame on you Remember, public will boycott you and your India Today” by Amzi John Speaks network.

These are the journalists who trying to support pseudo Liberals and talk against Citizenship Amendment Act and taking interviews of their lords Bollywood Mafias. Shame on them. Our network requests Public from whole of the world, Boycott them!! If you agree write on Comment box.

For more updates stay tuned with AMZI JOHN SPEAKS NETWORK.

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