(🛑BREAKING NEWS🛑)- Chinese incursion in Ladakh; Indian army gave befitted Reply. #BoycottChinese

In South Pangong, Chinese Army tried to enter into India’s territory but Indian Army gave befitted reply to Chinese Army. Indian army pushed back Chinese from Indian territory. Between 29-30 August, 2020 during midnight, Chinese Army tried to enter into our territory when Indian Army being informed about the incursions of Chinese into India’s territory, Indian Army instantly pushed Chinese Army back to their territory and thrown out from our Motherland India.

Credits- Zee news

Chinese Army tried to do incursion in Finger 4 but Indian Army thrown them out from the territory but Yesterday midnight they again tried to enter from southern direction in Finger Four again they were being pushed from the Indian territory by Indian Army. The dirtiest tricks of China remained continue since 1947. Their blood fill with full of venom which they used and using for India but get failed every time. Chinese Army occupied illegally upto Finger 8 area which they are leaving the area and created a false image that they can solve the dispute bilaterally. But Indian Army cannot be befooled by China.

China still in dilemma that India ruling by Congress party who was weak in nature and decision. Everywhere Congress adapted diplomatic relations due to which India is facing our enemy countries domination. Congress favoured Communist and tried to spread communism in the name of secularism but China should remember that India is ruling by Sh. Narendra Modi Government i.e BJPs Government whose decisions are strong in nature and who are not diplomatic with enemy countries but straight towards them. Surgical strikes, Balakot Strikes are the demonstration for the enemies that this is new India. BJP don’t favour communist ideology. And China will get its rebuttal from India soon.

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