(Breaking­čÄ»)- Udta Bollywood; B-Town Drug Cartel. #JusticeforSushantSinghRajput

Bollywood famous for glamour and movie industry now changed its colour and becomes B Town Drug Cartel city as revelations made for Mumbai. As you remember, a Hollywood movie ‘Mission Impossible’ where Anil Kapoor actor played a short role, you can observe the character which he played a most ‘Luchha’ character in the film. It seems bollywood knows the reality of B-Town cartel and what they portray our film industry it’s not their fault but in reality our film industry and whole mumbai exist like this. After reading this blod Anil Kapoor shouldn’t feel shameful because director of movie Mission impossible showed reality of Anil Kapoor and he is ‘Lucha’.

We should feel shameful that we made idols these ‘charsi actors and actresses’. We hyped them too much that they become confident that what they will do wrong in the society everybody will accept it. They made movies like ‘Udta Punjab’ in which they showed drug cartel going on in the state. But they forgot karma will lie on them again and they will get exposed by world. Today brands and products made actors and actresses stay from their promotions and what we feel that they deserve the most. In their parties organised by directors and big actors, they distribute cocaine, heroine and many other narcotics substance and eat and drink like food and water. This is the reality of our Bollywood. The branded clothes they wear, the cars and bike they drive and ride and others attractive things we attract towards these glamour but we should be aware behind it types of scandals going on. And most importantly, movies are just side buisness for them but real buisness running inside the table. Now world is criticizing our Bollywood and these are not pride of our India but these are militants and drug peddlers. Don’t watch their movie whether there is movie of Vidyut Jamwal, Rajkumar Rao and other outsider because they didn’t even say a word for the Justice of Sushant Singh Rajput. Specially don’t watch the movie of Ayushmaan Khurrana because he supported Rhea Chakraborty. These charsis can support Rhea but not Sushant. Now you can under the drug cartel nexus.

Yesterday, NCB detained two Drug peddler and they told NCB “big actors and actresses alongwith directors are included in the cartel.” It is to be suggested that don’t allow your children to try for Bollywood. Glamour is not there but bollywood is full of gutter. Here the new picture released where you can see the actor and actresses consuming drugs in parties.

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