Breaking 🎯| Statement of 15 persons recorded in Sushant case by CBI; CBI grilled drug peddler Rhea Chakraborty by asking burning questions. #SushantSinghRajputCase

In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput death case, CBI interrogating every person linked with Sushant. As per sources, CBI interrogated 15 persons till now. Still CBI interrogated flatmates, C.A, Manager and other staffs.

Questions asked by CBI:-

CBI interrogated on whatsapp deleted chats. As per sources, CBI demanded information from 8th June to 14th June from Drug peddler Rhea Chakraborty. CBI also interrogated about the cleaned Hard disk, in response that it may be happened on that day, she doesn’t know about it. As per sources, CBI asked Rhea about 13th of June the day in which some men came in Sushant’s home to delete all hard disk.

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