Breaking­čÄ»| Shocking!! Sushant’s thigh and ankle bones was broken; Nail or long pins pricked onhis neck and on whole body; Claimed by Attendant. #SushantSinghRajputCase

Sushant was brutally killed by murderers

On 14th June, when Sushant Singh Rajput died the attendant who was professed to carrying on dead bodies claimed that Sushant was murdered and it was not the case of suicide. As per attendent he is much experienced and he can recognize the body whether that it is case of suicide or murder.

As per attendant, when he reached to the Sushant’s flat he observed his body and recognised that Sushant body had marks of nails and pins on his neck and feet. When he carried on his body he observed that feet had broken and marks of nails and long pins observed by the attendant on Sushant’s neck and Sushant’s leg bone completely broken. He futher added, “When we reached to the hospital doctors said this is not the case of suicide, he is Murdered and Rhea Chakraborty stayed in mortuary for 25 minutes”.

As per the statements of attendant, Sushant Singh Rajput brutally killed by the murderers. And Mumbai police tried to hide because they are hand in gloves with Culprits.

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