Breaking! Shweta Singh Rajput sister of Sushant Singh Rajput fed up from the devious act of drug Peddler Rhea Chakraborty!

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Rhea Chakraborty who is a drug peddler and blackmailer she claimed herself ‘Gundo ki Tai’ now interviewing news Channels. Why these paid news channels under direction of whom they are interviewing accused No.1 Rhea Chakraborty?



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After the interview of Drug peddler Rhea on India Today and Aaj tak news channel, Shweta Singh- sister of Sushant Singh Rajput fed up from the act of Rhea Chakraborty and tweeted;

“You have guts to come on National media and Tarnish the image of my pure brother after his death! You think God is not watching what you have done! I believe in God and I have faith and now I really want to see what he will do to you.”.

Who are supporting Rhea Chakraborty? Without support no one can be confident. These nexus should be exposed completely.

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