Manjinder Singh Sirsa raised questions over Bollywood; said Narcotics must investigate the party organised by Film Director Karan Johar.

On 6th day of CBI investigation, new facts are arising and appeared before the world. Bollywood exposing day by day before the public and now meanwhile, it has found that there are links of Bollywood with Drug dealers. One day before, it was found that Rhea Chakraborty has connection with drug peddlers and she herself smuggles drugs.

These connection have been revealed by the retrieved chat messages on whatsapp between Rhea Chakraborty and Drug dealer Gourav Arya. After the incident, the Narcotics Drugs Bureau about to reach Mumbai for investigating the Bollywood links with drugs dealers. As per bureau there is suspect of drug dealing with underworld links which must be investigated by the Bureau. Bollywood is famous for its all kinds of scandals but this time their all karmas are giving answer what they have to pay. Adding this Manjinder Singh Sirsa suggested Narcotics Bureau to “investigate the parties organised by Karan Johar in Mumbai. As per Singh, Bollywood defamed Punjab in the movie ‘Udta Punjab’ but the reality is different, all drug peddlers are found in Mumbai. Singh further added that he requested Maharshtra Govt to direct the agencies to investigate the parties organised in bollywood by Film Director Karan Johar. All actors and actresses found to consume drugs in the party. It must be investigated who attended the party and what were they consuming. There are wolves in bollywood who consumed all kinds drugs and defame Punjab for this. And I want to ask what is the conspiracy to produce the movie ‘Udta Punjab?’

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