Breaking! Tiktok sues U.S Government over ban!

Tiktok dragged U.S in the Court

Tiktok which is worldwide famous app used by most of the people to show and explore talents by uploading their acting videos or new innovative videos by the young talents and those who possess talents. TikTok app based on Chinese app facing lot of hurdles during these days including India also banned Tiktok app due to which tiktok stars in India agitated over this.

Tiktok is a kind of platform where young talents able to make recognize their talents before the worldwide market networks. But these days Tiktok suffering due to the rejection from some countries and banning over this application by some countries. In recent days, US President Trump’s executive orders that seeks to ban the China-owned app that he links to cybersecurity risks and data harvesting. Earlier, TikTok had detailed scrutiny from US lawmakers and Trump administration over national security concerns. TikTok’s parent company ByteDance was given a deadline of 15 September to sell its US operations to Microsoft or any other US firm as Trump threatened to ban.

The Trump administration was dragged into court by the TikTok employee who argued that the ban threatens the livelihood of those employed with TikTok. On 24th August, Tiktok accused Trump that U.S government actions not based on solid facts and evidences.

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