Breaking- Shame! Uttrakhand Cop raped 11 year old girl in toilet of government quarters, cop arrested.


1. Uttrakhand Cop raped 11 year old girl in washroom of govt headquarters

2. Victim’s mother registered an F.I.R against the alleged Cop.

Dehradun: Uttrakhand Cop alleged to raped an 11 year old girl in washroom of govt headquarters. The father of the victim is visually impaired and her mother has differently abled hand. The accused namely ‘Sanjiv Jagudi’ deployed at Uttrakhand Police 112 emergency helpline centre who mercilessly raped 11 year old girl.

The victim’s mother registered an F.I.R by approaching to police. The circle officer city) said that the 11-year-old girl’s family and the accused live in the same complex of the quarters.


The victim went to toilet and never returned home. When her mother went to look at her she called out several times but no response came from victim’s side. Her mother noticed that washroom was locked from inside and the accused suddenly opened the door and fled away from the spot.(source- Hindustan Times). Then victim’s mother shouted and called out neighbours and the survivor was taken into hospital. Afterward, police formed a team and arrested Jugadi who was accused and booked an offence ‘rape with minor’.

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