Sonia Gandhi compromised with national security with illegal Bangladeshis revealed by Wikileak Documents.

Source- tfipost

Congress party famour for appeasing particular community. They used appeasement politics to win the election whether community ibelings anti-national, militant groups or seperatist Groups.

Wikileaks documents, in a brazen appeasement to the Muslims, Sonia Gandhi offered to amend the Foreigners Act to prevent the deportation of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. Her visit was marred by violence in the wake of the death of a suspected United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) member in Indian Army custody (REFTEL). However, Gandhi quickly condemned the death, forcing the Army to apologize. This shows that Mrs. Gandhi does not respect the Army and ‘National Interest’ is secondary and winning an election is a priority for her.

In 2005, the Supreme Court had deemed IMDT unconstitutional saying that the 1983 act “has created the biggest hurdle and is the main impediment or barrier in the identification and deportation of illegal migrants an unconstitutional measure.” In a striking reminiscence to  the Shahbano case, Sonia Gandhi promised the Muslim leaders and the illegal immigrants that she would push for amendment in the Foreigner’s Act, 1946 to get around the Supreme Court order, enabling the illegal immigrants to stay in India.  The appeasement to both anti-immigrant ULFA and the immigrants shows the hypocrisy which is typical to Congress party.

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