P.M Narendra Modi shares video feeding peacocks during morning routine of exercises.

Precious Moments of PM Narendra Modi feeding peacocks

Hon’ble P.M Sh. Narendra Modi has love for nature and he has keen interest over animals which he shared with everyone. As Narendra Modi came in a show of Bear Grylls ‘Man vs Wild’ where he showed his love towards nature.

P.M Narendra Modi shared a video and took to instagram where he showed his love towards national bird ‘Peacock’ where he was feeding peacocks for his leisure activities. It showed various snippets of the Prime Minister spending time feeding grains to the national bird of the country during his morning routine of exercises. PM Modi also shared a poem, written in Hindi, that talks about his feathered friend. The video appears to have been captured at PM Modi’s official residence, Lok Kalyan Marg.

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