Why we need CBI inquiry for the Justice of Sushant? Here are reasons. #justiceforSSR #SCassignsCBIforSushant

Reasons case should be handed over to CBI. We want CBI probe for Sushant.

On 14th June, shocking incident took place when whole of the nation and world heard the news of the death of late Sushant Singh Rajput. All nation reached to the state of shock but here are some PR machinery of Bollywood who within 10 minutes declared it suicide. How? Strange!

Mahesh Bhatt a so called film director who only knows to make films on sex, drugs, murder, ghost and other elements which disturbs the society as well as corrupts the society declared that Sushant was in depression. How he came to know about it when he didn’t know him well? Strange!

DCP Trimukhe Bandra declared it Suicide without any inquiry or investigation.

When Bandra DCP Trimukhe reached to the spot, he declared suicide. How he came to know about it? Is he also hand gloves with Culprits? Or is he hiding something? Strange!

Mumbai Police didn’t seal the flats strictly. They even didn’t seize electronic evidence as well. How we came to know about it? When E.D asked them to handover forensic reports with digital evidences, they only handed over the statements recorded more than 50 persons. Why? Strange!

Mumbai Police under sec. 174 CrPC inquiring the matter comes under the inquest proceedings where police has to find out the cause of death, why Mumbai Police if this is the case of suicide as they have been already declared it suicide taking much time to inquiring the matter if this is suicide? If there is doubt in the case of suicide, why they didn’t lodge a zero FIR against anybody like servant, Rhea or anyone to investigate the matter? Strange!

Rhea U-turn on CBI probe

When after 40 days, no progress seen by public and Sushant’s family, then Sushant’s family lodged an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty in the Patna Police Station because Sushant’s family didn’t keep trust on Mumbai Police. They already told Mumbai Police about the threat to Sushant’s life from Rhea Chakraborty but after an incident why Mumbai Police didn’t lodge an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty on prima facie complaint by family through whatsapp on 25th February? Strange!

Wihin 40 days Rhea Chakraborty requested Amit Shah Home Minister with folded hands to hand over the case to CBI but when case is handed over to CBI then she took a U-Turn. Why? Strange!

IPS Vinay Tiwari of Bihar reached to the Mumbai then BMC quarantined him. How can state level officers quarantine an IPS level officer who is performing public duty? Strange!

Affidavits filed by the Rhea Chakraborty and Maharashtra Government are similar in nature and both are defending each other from Sushant’s lawyers. Why? What are the connections between these two? Rhea Chakraborty with his brother had done financial frauds and Mumbai Police unable to find out. Why? Strange!

It is to be concluded that it seems that Maharashtra Government, Mumbai Police and Rhea Chakraborty collaborated with each other by the direction of someone who is the real culprit in the case. In order to save him or her, they are playing tactics. Tomorrow is Supreme Court’s verdict on Rhea’s Plea where it would be decided the jurisdiction of an investigation by Bihar and Mumbai Police and case would be handed over to CBI or not. Globally millions of people are fighting from 60 days pray to God that case be handed over to CBI by the Supreme Court-our last hope. Hope for the best!!

Updates for verdict by Supreme Court stay connected with AMZI JOHN SPEAKS NETWORK.

#CBIfor SSR #SCassignsCBIforSushant

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