BREAKING NEWS- Mumbai Police failed to hand over Digital Evidences, Post mortem report or Forensic Report to ‘E.D’. #justiceforSushant.

Is Mumbai Police trying to hide evidences to defend Rhea Chakraborty?

Two days before, E.D asked Mumbai police to hand over all forensic evidences, Post mortem report or any kind of digital evidences to them for investigating Rhea Chakraborty’s Financial Fraud. Mumbai Police stonewalled ED and were not providing any digital evidences and forensic reports.

Mumbai Police stalled E.D

As per reports, Mumbai Police didn’t handover digital evidences and forensic reports to E.D. Mumbai Police provided only statements recorded of witness to E.D. Why Mumbai police not handing over digital evidences and forensic reports to the E.D? What are they hiding from E.D? Why are they for scared from E.D? Are they trying to defend Rhea Chakraborty and BOLLYWOOD MAFIAS?

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