BREAKING- Mahesh Bhatt threatened Jiah’s Khan mother “Chup Ho Ja Nahi To Tujhe Bhi Sula Denge”. Is Mahesh Bhatt a Bollywood Militant?

Mahesh Bhatt threatened Jiah’s mother at Jiah’s Funeral

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood Mafias are being exposed. These Bollywood militants including Mahesh Bhatt are liable for spreading the terror in entertainment Industry as well as in the society. Actresses like Parveen Bobby and Divya Bharti who are outsiders declared that they committed by Mumbai Police. And Parveen Bobby who was sent to Mental Asylum in England by Mahesh Bhatt. How did Mahesh Bhatt know about the mental health of Parveen Bobby? And similarly he knew about the mental health of Sushant Singh Rajput. Is he an expert related to mental illness or health?

In an interview, Jiah’s Khan mother exposed Mahesh Bhatt. She said to media, ‘at funeral when she was crying for her daughter, Mahesh Bhatt at my daughter’s funeral, he came to me and said that Jiah was depressed. I said, “Excuse me sir. She was never depressed. Then he replied “chup ho ja nahi to tujhe bhi injection deke suka denge.” The question arises here, “which injection he was taking about?” From where he smuggles that particular injection? Has he links with underworld or Pakistan Militants organization? Is he involved with Jiah’s Murderers?

Was Mahesh Bhatt involved with Jiah’ murderers?

Now, everyone is demanding CBI probe for Sushant and Disha Salian whose deaths have links and Bollywood Militants trying their best to hide these links and supporting Rhea Chakraborty. It is unfortunate that Mumbai Police supporting Bollywood Militants organization for their crime. Bollywood is full of drug peddlers, sex scandals, prostitution and every crimes. Now public are more aware and exposing these militants who have connections with underworld Mafias too. We have to be united and fight for SSR.

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