BREAKING- Ankita Lokhande slams rumours, makes her bank account details with EMI deductions public, deduction not from Sushant’s Bank Account

Ankita made EMI deduction public and slams rumours.

As per P.R machinery of Anti-national Bollywood remained active after E.D started inquiry against Rhea Chakraborty. As per E.D, there is another house or flat of which Sushant was paying rent. But P.R machinery of Bollywood works in such a way they portray image of anyone as per their own will and wish. Their PR Machinery blamed Ankita Lokhande for living in Sushant’s flat and money deducted for rent from Sushant’s account.

Ankita Lokhande slammed rumours by posting pictures of bank statement of her in her twitter handle. She made clear all doubts created against her by P.R machinery and she kicked out Bollywood P.R machinery. These Bollywood P.R machines works in such a way they used to defame every state by producing movies like ‘Udta Punjab- Punjab a drug peddlers state’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur- Mafia gangs in Bihar’, NH10- Haryana criminal state’. But bollywood doesnt cover up the story of the origin of Daud Ibrahim from Maharashtra Mumbai, Abu Salem from Maharashtra, Drugs in their kitty parties, sex scandals and much criminal activities going on there.

Why don’t they produce movies on their own state? They support JNU issues full of Anti-hindu elements. They select Pakistani actors for their movies and portray their image as best actors and actresses, why don’t they select actors and actresses from our Country? Our public should be more aware against these Bollywood militants in our country. Be united for SUSHANT and fight for him. Boycott their every movies and make them like ‘Sadak Chaap 2’.

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