Committee consisting of 7 Judge recommends resumption of physical hearing for long-standing matters in Supreme Court

Sources said that Supreme Court is about to reopen for beginning of physical hearing in 2 weeks for long standing matters.

As the nation reopens amid ‘Unlock 3’, sources report on Wednesday, the Supreme Court is preparing to begin in-court sessions in two weeks. The Seven Judge committee decided to keep physical hearing for long standing matters. In video conferencing, it creates hurdles in hearing for the long standing matters.

Only two or three court rooms will be used for hearings in long standing matters in Supreme Court and especially in those physical would be done in which video conferencing is not possible. 150 pleas challenging the Citizenship Amendment Act, 23 pleas for the revocation of Ar. 370, entry of women into Sabrimala temple and other issues having long standing matters will be heard through physical hearing.

India has 16,39,599 recovered cases and 6,43,948 active COVID-19 cases till date. 46,091 people have died and 2,60,15,297 samples have been tested with 7,33,449 samples tested in the past 24 hours. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued new guidelines for the Unlock 3.0 phase commencing from August 1 to 31. The lockdown will continue to be strictly implemented in containment zones to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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