Was Sushant Singh Rajput Murdered? #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput

Sushant Singh Rajput

On 14th June, 2020 a tragic incident took place. A world famous actor namely Late ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’ found in the flat of Bandra, Mumbai. In afternoon, the shocking news spread across the world and everyone had reached in state of shock and no one was believing that a famous guy who had given movies like ‘M.S Dhoni- the untold story’ met with a tragic incident. Body of Sushant Singh Rajput strangulated and hanging on a celing fan with a Green Cloth as per narrative give by Mumbai Police and friends of Sushany Singh Rajput.

Was Sushant Committed Suicide: –

Clinical depression theory started against Sushant

When Sushant was found dead by his flatmates and police recieved information about Sushant’s death. Within 10 minutes, P.R machinery started working and within 10 minutes media starting showing that Sushant Singh Rajput committed Suicide because he had bipolar and he was suffering from depression. The question is

1. How did media get to know within 10 minutes that Sushant was suffering from Depression?

2. How could Media in detail publish or reported about the depression theory related to Sushant Singh Rajput?

Bollywood tweets about Sushant Singh Rajput: –

Tweet by Akshay Kumar.

After the news of mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput, bollywood started tweets about his suicide. Famous actors like SHAHRUKH KHAN, AKSHAY KUMAR, AJAY DEVGAN and other actors who supported militant ‘Sanjay Dutt’ when he was detained by the Police but disnt utter a single word for the Justice for Sushant and already reached to the conclusion that he committed Suicide. When new facts started appearing then some hypocrites Bollywood stars like Manoj Vajpayee, Anurag Kashyap, Ayushmaan Khurrana and others started defending Rhea Chakraborty who is accused in the F.I.R lodged in Bihar and also accused by C.B.I. No bollywood star stood for the Justice of Sushant Singh Rajput. Does Bollywood scare from something?


Bollywood is famous for its connection with the Underworld ‘Daud Ibrahim’ who runs ‘D- Company.’ So many photographs of Daud Ibrahim attending Bollywood parties. And unfortunately, the bollywood run by the Mafias who controlled Bollywood. Gulshan Kumar the founder of T-Series murdered by D-Company, son of Mahesh Bhatt who was hand in gloves with Militants for 26/11 attack was not interrogated by the Mumbai Police, Sanjay Dutt who had connections with D-Company arrested after many years and there are other examples that could observe the links of Bollywood with Mafias.

Investigation by Mumbai Police in the case of Sushant’s Mysterious death: –

As we know that Mumbai Police is ‘Suicide Expert’. Whether in case of Divya Bharti- actress, Dishan Salian- ex manager of Aishwarya Rai, Jiah Khan, Parveen Bobby and Sushant Singh Rajput, in all cases Mumbai Police closed these cases by calling it suicide without any proper investigation. Mumbai Police did not sealed Flats strictly, didn’t conduct proper panchnama, didn’t seize all the electronic evidences and even didn’t record statements of neighbours. 59 days passed didn’t bother to lodge FIR to start the investigation properly. They have recorded statements which have no validity it cannot be come under the investigation because there is no F.I.R. And for the commencement of the investigation, Mumbai Police called it a suicide without any proper investigation. Sushant’s body was taken to Cooper Hospital and Post mortem conducted at night which cannot be conducted at night as per rules and guidelines. Why there was hurry in the situation? Why Mumbai Police didn’t summon Bollywood big names like Mahesh Bhatt and Karan Johar. When people screamed and Youtubers highlighted the fake investigation of Mumbai Police then case is taken over by the media and others. Now the big development took place in this case finally case is handed over to C.B.I by the Central Government.

In the next article, we will discuss about the Rhea Chakraborty role in this case. Hope you will like my article and comment for reviews and your opinions about this case.

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