Lack Of Implementation of policies

When we hear about the distinction regarding the developed and development then what we remember is the difference between the rich and poor countries. 

  • Rich countries are developed countries but the poor countries are less developed countries. These difference occured because of colonialism over the developing countries by developed countries. But now there is no colonialism because every developed country get the democracy and freedom by national struggle. But what developing nation is facing is the slow growth rate of development. This slow rate of growth of development is occured because of lack of implementation of policies. In developing countries, there is very well developed mechanism of legislature. But, the executive is very weak because of the corruption and no afraidness of citizens. Citizens do not have practical knowledge regarding the policies and procedure to implement the policies. Citizens do not have interest regarding making and implementation of policy because their busy schedule and finding easy way to survive in their lives. 
  • Politicians make concentration of the citizens on the topic of religious fight and such evil matters which are not related to development.
  • Civil servants do corruption international or by force of politicians. 

Lack of conveying of information of policies to citizens and citizens do not get the right to information regarding the structure of policies and facilities there in.

We hope citizens would make effort to change this system of executive. And they would know the power of them.

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