Hari Singh Nalwa(1791-1837) was the commander in chief of the sikh Khalsa Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab. He conquered many territories and extended the area of of khalsa empire. He conquered Multan, Kashmir, Sialkot and also founded the city of Haripur in Pakistan which is named after him.


He was born in Gujranwala in Punjab region. He was very brave warrior. Maharaja Ranjit Singh employed him in his court he saw his intelligence. An incident took place when in 1804, a tiger attacked him and also killed his horse. His fellow hunters tried to save him but he refused and fight against tiger and tore him apart. He was commissioned as sardar in military commanding 800 horses and footmen.


Hari Singh Nalwa nominated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to conquer the area of Sialkot. This was the first battle which was commanded by him independently. He won the battle and conquered Sialkot.

Other Battles-

Other battles fought by him was the Battle of Nowshera, battle of cuttock, battle of Kashmir where he defeated Afghani King in Kashmir and conquered territory of Kashmir, 


Hari Singh Nalwa died fighting the Pathan forces of Dost Mohammed Khan of Afghanistan. He was cremated in the Jamrud Fort built at the mouth of the Khyber Pass in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Babu Gajju Mall Kapur, a Hindu resident of Peshawar, commemorated his memory by building a memorial in the fort in 1892.


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